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V. Assault on the Underground

Gru was overjoyed when Dr. Nefario had called him down to the lab. Anything was better then trying to think of a way to confront Vector. After all, he was drawing a blank

When he first appeared on the TV, Gru had no idea who he was. Everything the young man had mentioned was buried deep in his mind. Even if he couldn’t remember his name. He would never forget the one that had abducted his girls.

There was a time when they were nothing but a means too an end. A diversion to distract Vector while he stole the shrink ray. He was even going to abandon them at Super Silly Fun Land. He might have succeeded if not for the park’s annoying rules concerning age restrictions on certain rides.

After the trip to the amusement park, he still had second thoughts about keeping them. One idea of his was to make them into minions. He quickly tossed that plan out the window. This may have been the result of reading ‘Sleepy Kittens’ too them. The last part about how a mother loves their children with all their heart. It struck a cord in Gru. After all, his own mother, Anna. Never seemed pleased with anything he did. Perhaps he had carried these emotions within him for so long they became a part of his psychological makeup. Reading that last page opened something in his heart. Though it would be sometime before he fully opened up. It was this reason he destroyed that book. It also explained why he couldn’t show affection towards the girls. His mother never hugged or kissed him goodnight. Gru thought this was normal for a parent to act this way. It wasn’t until they were put in harms way that his heart truly changed.

Of all the crimes he had committed in his past. Gru never once resorted to kidnaping, especially younger children. Oh he might bully them from time to time if they got in his way. This didn’t
mean he would wish harm upon them. In other words, he did have a soft spot for them, he just never truly showed it. On that day the girls were taken by Vector, something in Gru snapped. He
would’ve given his own life to save them. Nothing had changed as far as Margo’s safety was concerned. This didn’t mean that he could take the chaos that was happening up top.

True, Edith and Agnes were deeply troubled when they discovered that Vector was back. Neither could they take the thought of losing their big sister. Naturally, Lucy did what she had to do to calm them down. Agnes alone was on the verge of tears, thinking Margo was going to be hurt or even killed  Therefore, it was necessary to switch their train of thought for the moment. Board games always seemed to clam Agnes down. As for Edith, she didn’t feel like playing, ‘Little Princess Tea Fairy’. Instead, she dawned her ninja outfit and started attacking the alligator
couch with her nunchucks. Gru didn’t mind her using the martial arts, as long as she didn’t break anything valuable or kill someone.

The thing that got on his nerves started in the kitchen. It was in here that several of the minions had ravaged the freezer of its ice cream. If the clicking of spoons on glass didn’t cause his nerves to twitch, their singing did. It wasn’t that they couldn’t sing. It was the fact that they tended to be a bit loud when they did it.

Besides, the minions, their was Antonio. He wasn’t too pleased that the boy stayed. What was worse was that chicken of his. Now he didn’t actually go into the kitchen to make a sandwich.
Lucy had done that herself.  She felt it was the least she could do to make up for Gru’s unnecessary ill treatment of him. He also knew it was better not to argue with her about this. If it wasn’t the fact that Antonio was mooching on the food. It was that bird

Pollito would often invade Gru’s dreams. Normally she would be sixty feet tall and chasing him down a deserted street. Today, she was doing it outside the boundaries of his brain. At first he thought she was having another episode of ‘Peck on Gru’s Head’. Unfortunately, Antonio happened to be her target, well his sandwich anyway.

“Vant did yu put in dat sanvich, Lucy?”, he asked his wife after noticing the chicken’s interest in it.

About all it was where two slices of bread, mayonnaise, lettuce and some lunch meat. She believed it was either ham or baloney. Whatever it was, that chicken was becoming crazed. It was like she had to have that sandwich. And so, Antonio had to run for it or face the wraith of Pollito and her stomach. Just her clucking caused Gru’s spine to jump. This made his body pop up like a Jack in the Box. He didn’t know how much of this he could take. So he was thankful when Dr. Nefario asked him to come to the lab.


Down in the depths of the Gru household, Dr. Nefario had been researching the address Vector had given to his employer. It certainly wasn’t a street address, neither was it any kind of coordinate he’d ever heard of. What it sounded like too him where specific directions. Gru
thought they were a route through a maze. What with all the lefts and rights, what else could it be? Though there was the possibility that this was merely a distraction. Something to occupy his time while Vector went ahead with his real plan of action. This was quickly forgotten. If there
was a plan in mind. He knew it would involve him. It made no sense to take his daughter captive, ransom her if not to lure him to his lair.

He knew the man all too well. He’d used his love for his daughters once. It seemed understandable he would do it again. This time Gru wouldn’t be going in blind. As for the directions, Gru had no idea how right he was. They were directions, much like one uses to navigate through a maze. And there was only one maze Nefario could think. One that nobody had really guessed. Plus it was a perfect place for a villain to hide. Vector had gone underground, literally  As the city’s sewer system was a perfect place to setup a small base. No one would look for one down in that stinky abyss.

The good doctor was able to find several maps of the sewer online. It was amazing what one could find by using cyberspace. What he discovered interest Gru. After all, it was one of the reasons he wanted to meet with him.

Like the directions stated, those tunnels were very much a maze. It would take years to traverse through the entire sewage system. It would take even longer to locate exactly where Vector was holding up. Thankfully, Nefario had also found a possible location.

There had been several parts of the sewer that had been remodeled. Overtime certain sections were blocked off and new ones were opened up. It was in one of these sections he found the ideal spot for a villain’s HQ. The area in question was an old drainage pool. The large, circular bowl branched out into six, different chambers. Each one connected to the pool itself. Vector would have plenty of places to move back and forth while still keeping this section open as a main base of operations. It was also discovered that this same drainage pool was located directly above his old fortress. He must have found it sometime ago and made a transport that would take him their. Every villain had an escape route incase their HQ was compromised. This was just one of several things Nefario had found out about the enemy.

Knowing that Vector wasn’t that dumb and that he would have safe guards planted all about the sewers. Dr. Nefario had sent in several Robo-Rats.

“We have dose?”, Gru asked, as he couldn’t remember ever asking for mechanical rodents.

Nefario remembered it quite well.

It seemed there were several stray cats lose in the neighborhood and they had stacked out Gru’s house as a permanent resident. He didn’t appreciate it that they were climbing the trees, using his flower beds as a toilet. The fact that they were making the girl’s play house into their retreat made him enraged. He called the doctor up to make some kind of robot that would get the cats off his property. Dr. Nefario had created ten Robo-Rats. They proved to be quite effective. Now he was using them as scouts to transverse the sewers. What they reported back astounded both men.

Both were correct about Vector being held up in the underground. In fact, Nefario had found a clear sign of Vector’s presence. One of the main tunnels that went from the drain outside,
branched out into several smaller pipes. One of these came out into a throughway. Within this pool of waste he found several piranha. Now Nefario knew these fish only lived in jungle
climates. Apart from some you could buy in a pet store. No piranha could live in any sewer. So it seemed to reason that Vector had placed them their to ward off intruders.

The Robo-Rat followed this chamber until it came to a massive opening. On the other side was another tunnel that led to a heavy, gate. What was strange was the way this gate was constructed. It looked new and quite sturdy for something that had been down there for years. The doctor deduced that this particular gate led into Vector’s base. An X-Ray scan of the tunnel showed a mass success of electricity being drawn into a central hub. Whatever it was, it was far more then your standard slew.  It would appear this base of his was far bigger then imagined. Plus, it was heavily fortified, just as Nefario had feared.

His Robo-Rats were truly a mechanical marvel  Not only did they look and acted like a normal rodent. Their sensors could display normal, x-ray and infrared vision. By using the infrared scope built into their optics. The two were able to see just how treacherous this simple path really was. Laser trips were placed in strategic positions. The floor was heat sensitive and could detect movement anywhere within the tunnel. The structure was a different matter all together.

The walls, floor and ceiling were made of Vibronite, a rare metal, extremely expensive. It had the strength of ten inch thick titanium armor plate. It was fire proof, shock proof and bullet proof. Impressive stuff by Nefario’s standards. He’d been dying to get his hands on some for the longest time.

“Dats great, I’ll get yu sum for Christmas. Now, how du I get in dere?”

“Well, it wouldn’t be easy. Traversing through all that security will require certain items. You’ll need some anti-heat clothing, laser defectors to breach the hall. Then there’s the question of getting through that hatch. A missile wouldn’t even scratch that door, Gru.”

“Fine, yu get da anti heat and defector tingies made. I’ll handle da door.”

Gru as well as Dr. Nefario had known for awhile that not all the minions had been cured of the PX-41 injection. One Purple Minion still remained.


It was during Gru and Lucy’s wedding reception that the uncontrollable, miniature monster appeared. It’s intentions were quite easy to predict. It wanted to create havoc and destruction. Luckily, Lucy had her Liquid Foam Watch with her in case of emergencies.

Before the fizzle haired minion could attack, it was encased around the mid-section with a hardened shell. Although it’s arms were immobilized, it could still move. That is until Gru shoot it with his freeze ray. After that, all the spasmodic creature could do was growl and shriek.

Shortly after its capture. They placed the purple minion in a special cell located in the lab. During its incarceration, tests were preformed on it. Since the PX-41 serum was highly experimental, no real information existed. In fact, the cure was merely an accident on
Nefario’s part.

It was El Macho’s desire to make more of the serum. He had ordered Nefario to try and duplicate the process so he would have gallons of the stuff. The doctor toiled with the secret, purple concoction. After many failed attempts, he stumbled upon a anti-serum compound. The yellowish fluid he had came up with was a result of a slice of banana that had fallen into the mixture. For some reason the potassium in the banana slice seemed to counter act the effects of the PX-41. He began testing this serum and found it worked as an anti agent against the PX-41.
He, of course,  kept the find too himself, fearing that El Macho would learn of it and dispose of the solution.

Sadly, the anti serum was all used up and since Dr. Nefario didn’t take any notes. It was impossible to deduce exactly what he had used to make his version of the PX-41.  Therefore, he tried different forms of the anti-serum with very little success. He did, however, discover that the
purple minion had a fondness for bananas. Even though the fruit didn’t change its appearance or behavior. He found it was able to calm it down, at least for a while. The main problem was finding suitable confinement for it. The strength of the purple minion was at times unbelievable

Nefario knew that the serum made the minions as cuddly as wild animals. Not to mention the indestructibility and massive appetite. Nothing seemed to harm it and it could eat anything that was or wasn’t nailed down. The demonstration with Kevin showed he could eat an entire police car without burping. Steel bars were like a snack to it. This proved difficult as it kept eating through the bars of its cage. When this happened several minions along with the doctor would go through the house in search of it.

One time they found it in the kitchen arguing with a toaster before it devoured it, cord and all. Another time it had found its way into the master bedroom. Before they could get too it, the purple minion had turned over the wardrobe, broke several mirrors, gutted the closet, chewed off all four bed posts and ripped the feathers out of every pillow in the room. This wasn’t the end either. For after Dr. Nefario had injected the purple minion with another attempt at a cure. This time it looked like it actually was going to work.

The frizzy mass of hair shrunk down and its arms started to resemble a normal length. It even showed signs of calm, rational behavior. So much so that he decided to test it with several other minions.

The experiment was working. Though the purple minion couldn’t speak in audible speech. It didn’t seem bothered by the short, yellow people moving about. Of course, it was about to take a turn for the worst. Just as it looked like the purple minion might be domesticated. A lone minion named, Barry came by with a banana in his hand. Upon seeing the half mooned, ripened fruit, the purple minion went ape. Its roar of ‘BWAAHHHHHHHH  ’ Could be heard all over the lab.

By the time Nefario got to the scene it was too late. Barry was lying on the floor, his goggles wrapped around his head like a pretzel. His overalls had been ripped and he had a dazed looked in his eyes.

Both it and the banana were nowhere to be seen. It wouldn’t take long for it to resurface, and in the worst part of the mansion, the girl’s room

Agnes was the first to spot the ruthless monstrosity. As she entered the room she was shocked to see the purple minion standing by her bed. It had taken her beloved fluffy unicorn plush and was trying to feed it half of a banana. When it learned it wasn’t taking what it was offering, it grew angry. Screaming and spitting at the toy as if it were scolding it. It was only when it lunged at the plush toy that Agnes ran too its defense.

“Don’t hurt her ”, she cried. “She’s mine  Why are you so mean ?”, she asked the purplish creature, tears forming in her eyes.

It was then something strange happened. Instead of charging after the little girl. The creature held up the banana and started to whimper. The whimpering turned into a sigh and it turned about, looked at the banana, turned back towards the toy and tried giving it to it. Agnes understood that it was trying to share the banana with the unicorn. It was her sad duty to tell the purple minion that the unicorn was just a toy. It didn’t need to eat, but she told the purple minion it could share it with her.

The one eyed, converted minion looked at the trusting, lovable face. It snarled out a single ‘Mhaa?’ and moved towards the child.

Once the doctor and the small band of minions had found the escapee, it was being cuddled in Agnes’ arms. She was petting it’s fuzzy head and singing, ‘The Unicorn Song’ too it. It seemed this new patch of anti-serum had worked. Though the minion’s features hadn’t changed. Its demeanor had. It had become attached to the young girl as if she were its mother. She even named it Snuggywuzzle. The purple minion appeared to enjoy the name and before long was able to come when Agnes called it. The infected minion had become a pet too her. She would play with it, nurse it and at times she would let it sleep with her.

Upon noticing the special bound they had for each other. Nefario didn’t have the heart to separate them. Though he did caution Gru about this. The formula he had used was still new, virtually untested besides the one. He was concerned that something might happen and the purple minion would return to its original state. His friend promised he would keep an eye on the little monster. He too had doubts that this would last. Surprisingly, it did. Though its manners were far from perfect. Snuggywuzzle would burp and fart like nobodies business.

As far as playing with him, it could get difficult at times. Playing boards games near it was like putting a puzzle together with a cat. The purple minion would often take the pieces and put them in his mouth. Sometimes he would eat them, but mostly he would just shove them in his mouth. Kyle didn’t like him one bit  He figured this creature was stealing all the attention. On more then one occasion he would stalk the purple minion. Before he could pounce, Snuggywuzzle would scream at the mutant dog. It didn’t take more then one snapping growl to scare the pooch away. Besides having difficulty during playtime. Nighttime could be just as hectic.

They never could figure out how Agnes could sleep through the noise. Snuggywuzzle’s snoring was enough to wake the dead  The other two girls were forced to wear earplugs, which proved
impossible to hear the alarm clock. More then once they ended up sleeping in, thankfully it was during the summer. If it was a school or special event day. Agnes always made sure to wake her sisters.

If the midnight snore factory wasn’t bad. Trying to eat anything while Snuggywuzzle was nearby was like trying to walk through quicksand without sinking. It didn’t matter what was on the menu. He would be their to try and snatch some of the food away. The worst was when Agnes would give him something off her plate. Unlike your average dog that would come back for more. The purple minion would go from person to person. If someone got up for any reason, he would be right there to take their place. At times he would play musical chairs with everyone at the table. You always had to watch him like a hawk. If your turned away from even a second, he would steal something off your plate.

Although Agnes had named him, her sisters also had names for him as well. Edith called him, Snatchy. Not just because he would take food from her, but he also liked to take her toys and play with them. By playing meaning he would throw them about.

Margo often referred to him as, Yippy because of his constant yelps. Not only did he snore but he could also talk in his sleep. If, of course, you called anything that came out of his mouth speech. Even with the earplugs in place. Sometimes you could still hear her telling Yippy to keep it down.

No matter what he did or who called him what. Gru knew that Snuggywuzzle was the only way to breach the walls of Vector’s new fortress.


Once Gru was done speaking too Dr. Nefario. He went back upstairs, praying that the nonsense that was happening up their had finished. In someways it had.

Edith had gone out to the back yard. Agnes was busy brushing Kyle’s hair. Meanwhile, Lucy had made Antonio another sandwich, as Pollito was victorious in taking the first one from him.

“Agnes, would yu mind taking Kyle into da den. Daddy has someting tu tell mommy.”, he said with a smile.

Agnes’ eyes sparkled as she asked her dad if it had something to do with a honeymoon.

Gru was taken back by this question and reassured his daughter it was not.

After Kyle was taken in a hugging grip and carried out of the room. Gru relaxed and explained the situation too his wife.

At first she thought he would contact the AVL. After all, they did work for the organization. They could use all the help they could get on this one. She was literally stunned when he told her he didn’t want any outside interference.

“Gru, we need them ”, she exclaimed.

“No, we don’t  Dis is someting we can du on our own. Vector has our daughter. If he even tinks someone else is involved. Vell, I don’t vant tu tink about it. So, I’m guing tu bring a couple minions and Snuggywuzzle vith me.”

“You mean the purple minion? But honey he’s been domesticated. What good well he do you now?”

Gru told her it would be fine. Apparently, Nefario was quickly whipping up a Banana Launcher. The purple minion, like all his minions. Had a craving for the yellow peeled fruit. The guy would
go nuts and eat the banana along with anything in his way. The walls of Vector’s fortress might be impregnable, but it wasn’t Snuggywuzzle proof.

This made some sense, though she still wanted the AVL to aid them. Gru would hear none of it. In fact, he wanted her to remain as well.

“Are you crazy ? I’m not staying behind, I’m coming with you.”, she said with a demanding tone.

“Absolutaly not. I need yu here tu watch over da gurls vhile I’m gone. I know yu vant tu come vith. I understand, but I couldn’t take it if someting happened tuu yu. Dis Vector is very cunning. Egotistical, yes  Stupid, most of da time, but he is also cunning. Yu understand, yes?”

She hated to admit it but he was right. She would stay for his and the girls sake. But if something should go wrong he wanted him to contact the AVL immediately.

Gru promised he would, even though he hated dealing with Ramsbottom. Him with his tea and cloud sniffing drove him nuts  Still, he promised her he would and she knew he would keep the said promise no matter what.

With that out of the way, he went to fetch Snuggywuzzle. It was no secret where he was. He would be in the girl’s room, probably sleeping with Agnes’ plush unicorn, Mr. Fluffles. However, before he could enter the hallway that led to their room, someone spoke from behind. It was Antonio.

“I’m coming with you too, Mr. Gru.”, he said.

Gru stared down at the boy. Pollito was now with him, tucked safely under his right arm.

He turned his nose up at the bird. He never forgave it from pressing the button that launched his future wife at that active volcano. He also didn’t like the thought of bringing the boy. He still
didn’t fully trust him. If he was to tag along, the chicken had to remain behind. She might start thinking his head was an egg and try and hatch it. So, no. They weren’t coming along, no excuses or anything like that  If something should happen to either of them. Chances were Eduardo would be after Gru for allowing his son and pet to go with. Not to mention if they should come to any harm.

Gru figured the boy would understand and proceeded towards the hall. Again he was stopped as Antonio walked in front of him. Now he was getting annoyed.

“Look, little boy. I have no time for such tings. Move along now. Dis is tuu important and yur not coming vith me.”, the man spoke.

Antonio may have been young but he wasn’t stupid. He knew exactly what was happening as well as the dangers involved. Of these he could care less. He wanted to help Gru. In fact, he demanded that he help him. Of course, he still ignored the boy and tried moving around the living blockade. This proved rather difficult. Every time he tried moving around Antonio, Pollito would peck at him.

The bald man was flinch after each attack from the hazardous hen. He wanted so much to be rid of that bird. He had dreams about going to KFC and seeing a picture of Pollito, with a big apple in her peak posted on the menu. Now it seemed this pest would never leave him be, not until he listened to what the boy had to say. So, with a sigh, he allowed Antonio to speak. Though he warned him if it took longer then ten minutes. He would simply jump over the two and go about his business.

“Mr. Gru, I know you don’t really like me...”

‘Dat is an understatement.’, Gru thought too himself.

“I know you think I broke your daughter’s heart that night. I forgive you for freezing me. But you have to understand, it wasn’t what you thought...”

‘Oh really, cause I know vhat I saw. Yu vere dancing vith another gurl ’

Antonio corrected Gru’s thoughts. That ‘girl’ he was dancing with was his cousin. He explained how Margo had gone to the bathroom. Julian happened to walk up and asked him if he wanted to dance. Being she was his cousin, he couldn’t say no. After Margo had returned she saw him and her, got upset and went to sit alone at a table. Before he could explain anything, he was incased in ice. Something Gru still grinned about from time to time.

His point with all this was, he understood why she was mad at him and also why her father didn’t like him. The truth was, he still had feelings for Margo and she with him. It possibly was the hardest thing for Gru to comprehend. This boy, who happened to be a son of the ruthless El Macho, was in love with his oldest daughter. The thought alone made him want to shake the boy tell his eyeballs rolled out. However, he was stopped by what he said next.

“Margo is a very special girl, Mr. Gru. I can see why you love her so. I feel the same way and I want to help you. I can’t stand by when someone I care about is in danger. You may not believe me but it’s true. I would do anything to keep her safe. I think you would do the same. So, I am coming with you. As for Pollito, she’s coming too. We could use her help. As you know she is very determined and very brave of such a young pollo.”

Gru stood their with his mouth opened. He had no idea that this boy had such feelings for Margo. He figured he was just another heartbreaking brat. He thought he was right that night when he froze him. Now he was learning that he may have been wrong. His daughters own words came back too him. ‘You don’t know anything about Antonio  You just don’t like him because of who his father is ’

The man felt ashamed. He regretted everything he had done so far. He should’ve listened too Margo when he had the chance. Let her tell her side of the story. Now, because of his actions, he may have brought this on her. If he was going to make up for his mistakes, he was going to have to trust the boy. Therefore, he knelt down and offered his hand in friendship. “Can yu forgive a old man for being stuipid?”

“Your not stupid, Mr. Gru. Your Margo’s dad. You did what you did because you love her. I can’t be angry about that.”, he said with a smile and took Gru’s hand and shock it. Now that the two understood each other a little more. They both went after Snuggywuzzle.

The last purple minion was in the exact spot he thought he would be in. Then again, there were only several places the guy ever went. As he was attached to Agnes, he often followed her. With that in mind, if she happened to be watching TV; he would be watching with her. If the girl’s were in the den, chances are you would find him in their with them. The majority of his time was spent in the girl’s room. For some odd reason, it was the only room he didn’t try and eat. He was known for devouring chairs, tables and even curtains right down to the rods themselves. As far as the girl’s room was concerned. He left most of it alone, though he did have a craving for crayons. He liked the scented ones the best. At the moment in was in Agnes’ bed cuddling one of her dolls.

Finding Snuggywuzzle wasn’t the hardest thing in the world. Moving him from a place of comfort was another. When the purple minion was content, it was unwise to move him. Unless you were one of the three sisters, or you happened to call his name. He wouldn’t move. Trying to move him by yourself was ill advised.

Even though the serum had somewhat calmed his animalistic behavior. He didn’t like being disturbed. Any attempt to wake him while he was sleeping resulted in disaster.

One time Tim and Dave wanted him to play indoor golf with him. At the time he was asleep on the alligator couch. When Tim nudged him, he awoke but not in the happiest of moods. His one eye blinked, looked down at the tall minion and roared with anger. The next thing Tim knew he
was being engulfed by a flash of purple frenzy. The snarls and yelps echoed through the house. If it hadn’t been for Margo, Tim would’ve been half the minion he was.

“Snuggywuzzle, no  That’s bad and your not bad, now are you?”, she said with a smile.

The purple minion stopped head butting Tim and looked in the direction of the girl. A single strap of Tim’s overalls hung from his mouth. He released the jean strap, purred and hopped off the beating minion. Snuggywuzzle ran up to the girl and embraced her.

So, what Gru was about to do, wasn’t the sanest thing ever. Even Antonio, who knew very little about the PX-41 mutated minion, felt unsure about Gru’s course of action.

“Are you sure we should be waking him, Mr. Gru? He looks vicious.”

“I know vhat I’m duing. Now stand back. I don’t vant yu getting hurt.”, Gru said with authority.

Slowly he made his way up too the sleeping monstrosity. He gently called out his name, but he was in such a deep sleep he couldn’t hear the man. He tried again, only louder. The purple minion’s left leg twitched and his mouth snapped. His tongue dropped forward, sending droplets of saliva to the floor.

“Oh dat’s gross ”, Gru said cringing.

Taking a deep breath he tried calling to him again. When this didn’t work he gave the bed a small shake. This only made Snuggywuzzle snort. He did it again, this time he thought he was awake. His single eye fluttered and his face dug deeper into the pillow.

“Vill yu get up already  ”, Gru shouted and gave the bed a swift kick. This would prove to be very effective. Too bad the purple minion didn’t enjoy it.

Of all the things his daughter and Nefario had told him. The worst thing one could do around Snuggywuzzle was make loud noises or sudden movements. Unfortunately for Gru he happened to have rattled the beast from its slumber. He didn’t like that, not one bit

Like a zombie, the mutated minion rose from the unicorn decorated bed. The pillow was clutched between his jaws as he turned to face the one that had disturbed his rest.

The first thing Gru saw was the pillow as it came crashing into his face. Then came a roar of the damned. Within seconds Snuggywuzzle was latched onto Gru’s leg. The man’s cries bounced off the walls like invisible racket balls. Hopping on one foot, he tried in vain to get the purple minion to release itself. All this did was get him angrier. His jaws snapping at the black clad leg.
Antonio had no idea what to do or say. Thankfully the door burst open and Agnes came running in.

“What happened dad? Did Snuggywuzzle have a bad dream?”

Her father couldn’t respond at the moment, as he was trying to prevent the purple monster from swatting off his nose. He cried in horror as he started jumping on his bald head while chewing on his scarf.

“No, no Snuggywuzzle. That’s daddy, he’s nice.”, the little girl spoke softly.

The sound of that innocent voice seemed to calm him down. The purple minion stopped beating on Gru and went over to Agnes. She started petting his scraggly hair, telling him it was okay. The purple minion smiled and started sucking its thumb.

“Tank yu, Agnes.”, her dad said as he rubbed the top of his head. “Now, let’s get Snuggywuzzle down tu da lab. I need his help in rescuing yur sister.”

“Here that Snuggywuzzle  You get to be a hero ”, she said with a twinkle in her eye.

The purple minion let out a loud burp and clapped his hands together.


Once Gru’s force had been assembled. It was time to prepare for the assault on Vector’s HQ. Though he had what was asked of him. He wasn’t going to give it up freely. He knew how Vector worked. He had tried the whole trading scenario before. The younger of the two villains had gone against his word. Vector had no plan to release his daughters. He figured he would do the same again. Therefore, he was going to come prepared this time.

The small band of minions, Antonio, Pollito and Snuggywuzzle gathered around a circular table. Dr. Nefario stood next to Gru and went over his recent findings. Although most of Vector’s HQ wasn’t visible to the Robo-Rats sensors. He had received enough data to compile a visual scale of what the base might look like. Judging by what his robots sent back, the outer part was curved, much like a dome. He also knew, after studying the old drainage pool, that their were at least four passage ways leading into the base itself. It was unfortunate that his mechanical spies couldn’t see through to the inside. Apparently the alloy prevented their X-Ray scope from penetrating the outer shell. Not that it mattered. As they would have to survive the outer defenses first. Something he had prepared them for.

The floors were laced with heat sensors. Wearing the special, heat cloaking suits would prevent these sensors from seeing them. As for the laser trip wires. Nefario had built a Laser Deflection Scanner. This device could bend the laser beams without breaking through them. There was just one more thing, something he had failed to see before. That being the cameras.

There was at least one to each tunnel and heaven only knows how many were inside. The problem with the cameras were, they were motion sensitive. Any movement would trigger them. This new find didn’t bold well for Gru.

“Let me get dis straight. We have da suits dat vill make us invisible tu da heat tracking tinies. We have a way tu cross da laser trips vithout being detected. But, we don’t have anyvay of getting passed da cameras?”, he asked, rubbing his temple.

“That would be about it, yes.”, Nefario replied.

Gru didn’t know who to kick first? Himself or his mad scientist. Either way, the team was in a tight spot. That is until Antonio had a suggestion.

Gru wasn’t happy about allowing the boy to come with. He also didn’t want to hear any of his nonsense. Yet, Nefario wanted to hear everything. Even the littlest thought might help them out. So, against Gru’s wishes, he allowed the boy to speak.

“This place is very big. Where exactly is it in the sewer?”

Dr. Nefario told him it was, at one time a drainage pool. The pool itself helped with overflow and flooding.

Gru was becoming impatient with this description of how a drain works. He wasn’t a plumber but he got the jest of what it’s function was. He also didn’t know or cared where this conversation was going.

“Don’t you see, Mr. Gru. The bottom of the pool had to have a drain. Why don’t we use it to our advantage. Instead of going through the front door. Why not go underneath the base itself.”

Nefario liked that idea. It would not only save them the trouble of getting through the defenses. It would also give them the element of surprise. Gru could send some of his minions with the plans to one of the entrances. Meanwhile, the rest could come in unannounced.

“Brilliant plan, Dr. Nefario. So vhat happens if he does see us? Have yu forgotten vhat is at stake here? My daughters safety is our prime concern...”

“But Mr. Gru...”, Antonio tried to speak.

“No, no buts  For get about da buts...”

The minions began giggling when they heard the B word. Not realizing that it wasn’t the same.

“Dis is not a laughing matter ”, he snarled at the yellow men. “Now, as far as Antonio’s plan, it is a good plan, but I don’t like it. Tuu many risks involved. We stick vith my original plan.”

The original plan was this: Gru and his minions would enter the west entrance. Antonio and Pollito would take up the rear. If anything came from behind, the chicken would sound the alarm. Once they entered Vector’s fortress, they would proceed with the trade. If Vector double crossed them. He had Snuggywuzzle for muscle, as well as a way of getting out in a hurry. It was the best way and the only way. If Antonio wanted to try and crawl in underneath, he would be doing it alone.

“Now dhat dats settled. Let’s suit up ”, Gru exclaimed as the team prepared for the assault on the underground base.


Margo tried not to laugh. It was difficult, especially when someone was wielding a feather against her soles. The first time was bad enough. At least he was being a bit more playful this time. That still didn’t lessen the tickling.

“Oh...Oh please.....”, she giggled. “I...I don’t know anything...else....”

“I’m not doing this to make you talk, silly girl. I’m bored  Now lay back and give me a huge laugh ”, Vector grinned.

Waiting for his nemesis, Gru was becoming tiring. How could he have gotten lost? If he followed his directions he should’ve been here by now. Yet, all the sensors showed a negative reading from outside. Except for the rats, no other movement was detected. The young villain was sitting at the control console eating a tub of popcorn and getting bored. That’s when he decided to entertain himself with his captive.

When Margo saw him get up, she figured he was going to get something to drink, or use the bathroom. Instead he picked up his not so pleasant friend. Upon seeing the feather once more in his hand, she started giggling. She tried pulling her feet away as he twirled it between his fingers.

“Let’s have some laughs while we wait.”, he chuckled.

“Oh, oh no   Not again  ”, Margo cried.

The next thing she knew the feather was gracing it’s presence upon the soles of her feet. It was just as soft, if not more so then before. Just the touch of it made her toes wiggle. She tried batting
it away with her feet, only to realize it made it tickle all the more. About the only thing she could do was lay their and take it.

Though she tried not to laugh, it was becoming impossible not too. And as she tried to remain her composure. Vector stood at the end of the table. One hand resting on the right corner, while the other lightly flicked the feather between both soles. He watched with glee as the helpless feet danced about. Pulling back as far as they could, only to be greeted by the feather upon their return. They tried shielding the other but nothing could prevent the tickling. Meanwhile, Margo would turn her head from side to side. Her eyes shut, her cheeks turning a bright red as she laughed.

He was about to go after her little toes when an alarm went off. He immediately stopped tickling Margo’s feet and rushed to the console. The young villain literally danced as he neared the control panel that operated the video surveillance system.

Sitting down on the chair with its back in the shape of a capitol V. A blinking, red light flashed below the camera that had detected movement. Nobody, not even Gru himself could get past his security system. He’d gotten lucky the last time he broke his defenses. This time he was prepared for anything. If the heat sensors under the tunnel floors didn’t sense anything. The laser trips would certainly catch an intruder off guard. Even if someone was able to get through all that. The motion sensor cameras would spot them. Just as they had done at that precise moment.

Vector could hardly contain himself. At long last he would have his revenge. However, as he looked at the video feed, he was stunned by what he saw. He figured that the image was faulty. He checked the system and found everything in order. He was puzzled, for he thought it was Gru or one of his minions that had been spotted. It would be so like Gru to send his idiotical henchmen to do his work for him. Yet, displayed on the monitor was a lone chicken.

The alarm had sounded several times before. Once while he was interrogating Gru’s oldest daughter. The only thing he found were rats, which was to be expected. After all, he was in a sewer and rodents did tend to make it their humble abode. But a chicken, never  In fact, he couldn’t think how a chicken got down their in the first place. It wasn’t their natural habitat by any stretch of the imagination. So what was it doing down in the sewers, besides being lost.

He kept looking at the hen and as he did, one of the other cameras went dark.

“What the?”, Vector said as he gazed at the emptiness of the monitor. He was sure he had checked the system for bugs not that long ago.

At that moment, another screen went black, then another. Vector clinched his hands into fists and cursed the cameras. They were working just fine a minute ago. He tried switching to another channel but got nothing but blank screens. About the only outside camera that was working was the one where the chicken was located, which happened to be the west entrance.

Vector still was puzzled over the chicken. He couldn’t fathom how it got their and why. It wasn’t until he heard a peculiar noise coming the south side. The sound was very much like an electric buzz or chainsaw. He turned to face where the sound was coming from. It was getting louder
now. He swore it was heading straight for him. His eyes stared in disbelief as the hatchway began to bend forward. The grinding, buzzing noise was coming from the other side.

Vector stood up, ready to face whatever it was. He took hold of his piranha gun and readied himself.

Within seconds a strange, purple creature blasted through the hatch. Its arms flailing about as it charged at the orange clad man. Vector fired a piranha at the monster. The purple minion gulped the fish in one bite. Another carnivorous fish was launched in Snuggywuzzle’s direction. Again he swallowed the deadly sea creature in a single gulp.

The young villain panicked and tossed the weapon at the creature. The purple minion made quick work of the aquatic cannon and moved closer towards the man. His jaws snapping and snarling at him.

“Dats enough Snuggywuzzle.  Leave some for me.”, spoke a familiar voice.

“Gru ”, Vector hissed.

“Dats right baby  Da one an only ”

“How did you get past my defenses. They were foolproof ”

“It’s amazing vhat yu can du vith a bit of AVL equipment.”, he said proudly as he showed off Lucy’s watch. It was the very same one that had a built in sprayer that shot liquid form. It was this gadget he had used on the cameras. Their sensors were blocked by the hardened goo and where unable to detect any movement at all.

Feeling overly embarrassed that his security system could be beaten by a mere spy toy. Vector made a break for it and ran to were Margo was being held. Quickly, he snatched a small remote. He warned Gru not to make another step. If he did, he would electrify the girl. He was lying, of course. The remote happened to belong to his toy sport car, but he wasn’t going to tell Gru that.

The tall, dark figure halted. He gave the purple minion a command not to go near Vector. Though he would’ve loved to chew on his leg, he obeyed the bald man’s order.

“Now that we have an understanding. Let’s see what you brought me.”

Gru lowered his head and summoned his minions to come forward.

Three short, yellow men in overalls walked up to their boss. In their hands were several piles of folders. He told them to give them to Vector. With saddened faces, they did as they were told.
As for Vector, he squealed with joy as they handed him the scripted treasures. He couldn’t wait to look at them. What knowledge they must contain. Weapons, plans for future robberies. All of it pure gold in his mind.

Taking the folders from the minions he gleefully leafed through their contents. He was astounded by what he read. These weren’t blue prints for weapons or one single evil plot. What they did contain were recipes, recipes for jelly. This made Vector angry and he demanded that Gru release the real secrets to him immediately. If he didn’t, his daughter would suffer

“Vhat are yu talking about? Does are da real ting.”, Gru confessed.

The young man laughed. Did his rival actually think he was that gullible? He knew how tricky Gru could be. Much like him, he never did play fair. He was a fool to think he could pull the old switcheroo on him. The man had to be even more dumb they he thought him to be. His own daughter was in danger and he was playing old spy games? Vector wouldn’t believe that the second greatest criminal was telling the truth. Lying was a part of the Villain’s Code. He was merely stalling for time, something he had little of.

As ironic as it was, Gru was telling the truth. Allot had happened as he was hibernating on the moon. His opponent had changed. Gru had left his life of crime behind him. He had adopted the three girls and was now happily married. What he gave him was ever secret he had. Gru was now in the preserves business. He had made several kinds of jellies and was working on a line of jams as well. All the super villain stuff he had was long gone. Burned or shredded, it was all behind him now. He had left his former life in the past. Sadly, Vector didn’t believe him.

“Your lying  Now give me the real secrets or Margo pays the price ”

“Are yu nuts ? I just told yu I don’t have any villain stuff anymore. It’s all been burned and stuff. I held my end of da bargain. Give me back my daughter ”, Gru demanded.

“No.”, Vector said flatly. “First you give me what I asked for, then we’ll discuss the terms of her release.”

If he had hair he would’ve pulled it out  He knew Vector could be unreasonable at times, but this was getting ridiculous. What did he have to do to make Vector believe him? Show him the ashes of what was left of his criminal career?

“Last chance Gru  Give me the secrets or say goodbye to your charming daughter ”

Vector knew that the table was harmless, but Gru didn’t as did Margo. In fact, he wasn’t even going to tell him the truth. Mostly because he loved watching Gru squirm.

He couldn’t let Vector hurt his daughter and he was running out of chances. Therefore, he had to do what had to do to save her.

Of all the blueprints, files and plans he had destroyed, only one remained. Dr. Nefario insisted that Gru hold on to it for special emergencies. Though it was never completed, the plans still existed. Gru had put them in the one place nobody would ever look for it. He had hid it inside Dave’s pocket. He now ordered his minion to give it too Vector.

Margo told him not too, but he couldn’t let Vector hurt her. He had no other choice then to give in.

Saddened that he had to part with his extra padding. Dave pulled out the folded sheet and gave it to the young villain.

Vector snatched it from Dave’s hand. He couldn’t wait to see what he was withholding from him all those years. He wasn’t disappointed in the results. In fact, he was downright delighted. It wasn’t everyday one got a look at the plans for a Atomic Disintegrator Cannon. “Oh, Gru  You shouldn’t have ”, he chucked menacingly.

“I know, now give me Margo ”

Vector chuckled too himself, “Sorry but she’s seen too much of my fortress. Can’t let her go and tell the authorities on me. Time to say bye-bye to the brat ”

Gru’s eyes widened as Vector got ready to press the button that would electrify Margo.

‘NOOOOO ’, he thought as he rushed forward but he was too late  Vector had pressed the button, but nothing happened.

“Ha  Tricked you Gru ”, the young man cackled evilly.

“Vhy yu little  ”, Gru said as he balled up his hands into fists.

“Oh come now  Can’t you take a joke?”, he teased.

“Yes I can, but dis vasn’t a joke  I’d like to see how much you laugh when I get my hands on yu ”

Vector told him to calm down. He would release his daughter as she was no further use to him. So, with a press of yet another remote, the metal restraints that held Margo in place were released.

The girl hopped off the table and ran too her father. Both embraced each other as her father asked if she was okay. It was then she told him what Vector had done too her.

‘Da fiend ’, Gru said too himself.

Of course, Vector wasn’t through with him yet. He may have given back his daughter, but none of them were going to leave his fortress. At that moment another section slid downward, cutting off all the exits. Now that he had them trapped, he was going to show Gru his latest invention. This time no fish were involved.

He had missed that which he had stolen from Gru a year ago. It just so happened he had his own shrink ray. It was ten times as powerful as the other one. The good news was, the effects didn’t wear off. Now he would use it on his enemies. He even had a fish tank he would put them all in. His prize trophy would be mounted on the wall. He would have succeeded in getting his revenge.

“Looks like this is the end of the road for you, Gru  But, look on the bright side. At least you won’t be lonely  Ah Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaa   ”, Vector taunted as he aimed the gun at the group. “Say miniature cheese you little mice ”, he said as he fired up the gun’s engine core.

Margo held close to her father as she closed her eyes. The minions stood shaking and Snuggywuzzle was busy eating one of Vector’s chairs. As for Gru, he stood and stared down at his enemy. He knew there was no way he could stop it now. Even if he used the liquid foam watch, chances were the laser beam would simply cut right through the thin shell.

With one hand, he patted his daughter’s head and told her it would be alright. He had promised her he would catch her and never let her go. He wasn’t going to back down on that for anything in the world.

Just as all seemed hopeless, when all luck had ran out on Gru’s part. There came a loud clang. Vector’s face froze as his eyes rolled about in their sockets. His mouth formed a sappy smile and he fell to the floor face first.

“Take that you pajama wearing jerk ”, Antonio said as he stood over the prone form, a pipe in his hand.

“Antonio?”, Margo asked as she look at the boy. “Is it really you?”

“It is senorita.”, he said with a smile.

The young girl ran up too him and hugged him close.

Antonio froze, wondering what Gru would do upon seeing him in his daughter’s arms. Surprisingly, he said nothing at all. He just walked up and took the shrink ray off the floor. “I guess I can add dis tu my collection.”, he said with a smile. Though one thing did bother him. How did Antonio get in?

The last time he saw him, he was in the rear of the group. Shortly after finding the entrance to the old drainage pool, he disappeared. Both him and that chicken of his simply vanished. He wanted to now exactly what had happened.

It seemed he did get lost after hearing a noise in the tunnels. It turned out to be one of Nefario’s robotic rodents. After he went back he had lost all trace of his team. It was then he found a chamber that seemed to lead downward. He followed the path and discovered it led into the abandoned pool. He sent Pollito back up top to cause a diversion. She must have went into the west entrance and had activated the security system. She had caused enough delay with her presence for Gru and the rest to break into the AquaDome and dismantle Vector’s Seeker Drones. As for Antonio himself, he found a way in through the bottom and climbed inside the base via a vent shaft.

“Looks like yur plan worked after all.”, Gru said.

Antonio shrugged, “I guess so.”

Margo looked up at her dad, “He saved us. If it wasn’t for Antonio, we all would’ve been shrunk.”

He had to admit she was right and not just about his plan for getting into the base itself. He was wrong about everything. He really did care about his daughter. For the first time since he met the boy, he had seen him in a new light, the same light that Margo knew existed all along.

Gru walked up to the two and placed a hand on both of their shoulders. “Let’s go home.”, he said. With that, they walked away, but not before Gru fiddled with Vector’s communication controls. Within the hour the police would find his base and that would be the end of the Greatest Criminal’s reign.

The End
Vector had ransomed Margo for all of Gru's secrets, but Gru has another plan to rescue his daughter.
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FTGenikit Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014
Having to be tormented to get info was bad enough, but now doing for the fun of it? Man he must be bored. XD

I'm actually glad that she's saved that that Antonio has actually came in to the rescue. Very smart of him to follow his plan. I feel that he chose to use that as a backup plan since he got separated. ^^;

Great story, my friend. :)
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Glad you enjoyed.
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Poor Margo! Vector's such a jerk! But I'm glad it was Antonio that came to the rescue! :-)
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Lol! I love it! ;-) This is one of the few fanfics that really inspire me to write my own!
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Wow! You mean it!? I've inspired someone to right. Let me hug you! Thank you! Thank you so much!
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It has mainly inspired part 2 of my story which I'm working on now (it's nearly finished!!!)

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